Golden Salad with Lupinbeans and fresh spinach

Golden Salad with Lupinbeans and fresh spinach

Source: Lekker LupineCuisine: Angélique Schmeinck
Amount of protein

30 per 100


Lupinibeans, Goatcheese, walnuts

Recipe preparation time (minutes)


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    • 190 grams of lupin beans (1 glass jar, drained)

    • 200 grams fresh young spinach

    • 100 grams young goat's cheese

    • goat's milk to melt goat's cheese in

    • 100 grams oyster mushrooms

    • 1 handful of walnuts

    • 1 shallot

    • 1 or 2 cloves of garlic

    • sunflower oil

    Preperation of the recipe in steps

    • Cut the oyster mushrooms into strips and fry briefly and add the walnuts.

    • Finely chop the shallot and garlic and fry in a pan with some sunflower oil. Add the lupine beans and heat briefly.

    • Prepare 4 plates with the spinach. Add the oyster mushrooms, walnuts and browned lupine beans.

    • Melt the goat's cheese over low heat in some goat's milk and pour it over the plates with salad.